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Sample Submission Instructions, and Terms and Conditions

Please use the following Sample Submission Form and Sample Instructions for:

- Cannabis 

- Cannabis-related products

- Hemp

- Hemp-related products

- Rolling paper and other paper products

To expedite your order, please include the following:


1. Sending samples

Testing Required                                                                                                                      Sample Size

Full Health Canada Compliance Package                                                                                 22g-45g

Chemistry Compliance Package                                                                                                  6g-10g

Microbiology Compliance Package                                                                                            15g-45g 

  • Please provide specifications and detection limits required.

  • For instructions regarding sample size, shipping, and pricing please contact us at (778) 240-8420  or Email us Here.

2. Shipping Method

We recommend a shipping method with tracking number to prevent loss of samples. Alternatively, you can also drop them off at our laboratory by contacting us. Our authorized personnel will be happy to receive samples in person. 

3. A fully completed Cannabis Sample Submission form.

  • A Sample Submission form is required for each sample.

  • Be sure to complete all areas of the form to ensure prompt and correct handling of the samples. Incomplete sample submission forms may result in delayed turnaround times in sample processing. If you need assistance, please contact your Key Contact individual or call us on our number below.

  • Sample that require Microbiology testing, must be submitted in a separate container.

4. For new business accounts, please provide a copy of your Health Canada License for Cannabis with your first submission.

5. Specifications

  • Provide specifications.

  • If required, please specifically request trace analyses, as different sample sizes, procedures, and pricing may apply.

Laboratory Results

We email the Laboratory Results (COA) for all levels of service directly to the client. If repeat analyses are required due to lack of information, extra charges may apply. 

Sample Destruction

Upon completion of testing, any remaining sample will be destroyed as per Health Canada guidelines.

Turnaround Time Options

We understand your testing needs, so we do everything we can to avoid unnecessary and time consuming steps. Our team of professionals are experienced and have developed our analytical methodologies specifically with cultivars and different product types in mind.

Regular Service:

Approximately 5-7 business days from the date of sample receipt. Analysis completion time varies with the sample type, handling requirements, and tests requested. 

Rush Service:

24hr RUSH service with 75% Surcharge.

  • Subject to availability. Prior lab approval is required. Please call ahead.

  • Results are reported by email as soon as they become available.

When requesting 'RUSH' services, please mark CAL 'RUSH' on the label outside of the shipping container. Containers labeled 'RUSH' are processed before Regular Service packages. Be sure to also include 'RUSH' on the Sample Submission form/Chain of Custody form.

For instructions regarding sample size, shipping, and pricing please contact us at (778) 240-8420 or

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